About Me

An Invitation-Style Introduction: the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

WHO am I? I am a relatively new social worker currently working with children and adolescents. The last time I published anything on the Internet outside of Twitter or Facebook was in ye olde days of high school, but I’d hardly call my Blurty and Livejournal (since deleted) accounts “blogs,” per se. My point is that I will be figuring out how I want to do this as I go. I suspect it will start out as The Battle Of things-I-would-write-for-an-academic-assignment and things-I-would-write-in-a-diary. Hopefully in the process, I will discover something better than either in-between.

WHAT am I going to say? I plan to keep this pretty social work-focused and discuss things that come up at my job, issues my clients are dealing with, professional development, social policy, ethics, or whatever else seems relevant. But as most social workers know (and non-social workers, I suppose), the plan you start with doesn’t actually have anything to do with what happens…

WHERE am I? New York State.

WHEN should you be here/there? I mean… stop by any time, but generally I post weekly on Wednesdays. I make no promises.

WHY might this be worth reading? Well, if you read this far you are probably at least minutely interested in social work, adolescents or New York.

If you are a current BSW/MSW student, you may be hoping to learn about life-after-graduation and find the answers to questions like: will I ever find a job? Are salaries really that bad? Is my internship actually a good indication of what working in the field will be like? I make no guarantee that I will answer these questions or that clear-cut answers to these questions even exist, but I imagine I will touch on some of these topics along the way.

If you are another social worker, you may be hoping for hilarious and/or clever “social worky” commentary and the like. Again I make no guarantees, but if my daily verbal banter with friends provides any indication I think this is a safe bet. Any other style of blogging would likely come across as insincere.

The rest of you… well, ultimately you will all have to decide if you care for yourself I suppose.

HOW does this work? Keep doing what you’re doing I guess? This whole who/what/whatever thing has just gotten silly. If you want to be kept super up-to-date, you can always subscribe and/or follow me on twitter @processrecorded

Until next time!

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